Lentil Veggie Quinoa Bowl

lentil veggie bowl

Lentil veggie quinoa bowl is packed with protein. This heart healthy vegan lentil, carrot, kale and quinoa bowl will help to lower your cholesterol and your blood pressure. And, most importantly it tastes so good.

I love lentils and have several different recipes on the blog made with these protein, vitamin, and mineral packed superfoods also known as pulses. Mejadra, a lentil, rice and onion dish, is a wonderful middle eastern recipe that can be served as a side or a main. Lentil and kale salad with crunchy almonds is another favorite. Lentils with roasted eggplant can be served at room temp as a salad or a warm veggie side.

There are so many ways to use lentils creatively either combined with other vegetables or standing on their own, hot or cold, or in soups or salads this superfood will never fail you.

I use brown or green lentils for this lentil veggie quinoa bowl. If you prefer red lentils, feel free to use them. Just make sure that you do not overcook the lentils as you would for a dal. You want the lentils to remain intact and hold their shape and texture for this bowl.

The lentils are combined with carrots and kale and cooked in a vegetable broth. I spice the lentil mixture  with ginger and cumin. The other incredible fact about lentils is that they cook so quickly. You can have a meal made with lentils ready and on the table in less then 30 minutes. No overnight soaking is required.

I like to go for the big protein punch and serve this lentil bowl with quinoa. Rinse the quinoa and prepare according to directions on the package. Once the quinoa is ready, place a spoonful in each bowl. Ladle the lentil, carrot and kale mixture over the quinoa. This one-bowl meal is yummy and healthy and guaranteed to make you feel good.

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