Creole Remoulade Sauce

N O Creole Remoulade Sauce

I would never think of serving boiled or steamed shrimp without my Creole remoulade sauce. My family has passed down a recipe for homemade New Orleans style creole remoulade sauce for generations. I am sharing a slightly modified version that will make about 4 pints.

I serve this spicy side sauce all year with fresh shrimp. A large silver bowl of boiled shrimp with a side of remoulade sauce is the centerpiece at our annual Christmas eve party.

I also like to make extra jars of the sauce for gift giving during the holiday season.

In the summer, we have a favorite seafood market at the beach that steams fresh shrimp with a spicy seasoning. I always bring an extra jar of sauce with me so I can create a quick shrimp remoulade salad for lunch or an appetizer for dinner.

For my shrimp remoulade salad, I place the shrimp on a bed of lettuce. Then I slice a few tomatoes and halve some hard boiled eggs to accompany the shrimp. Finally, I drizzle the remoulade sauce over the ingredients and serve. A glass of chilled white wine such as a Sancerre or a white burgundy is the perfect pairing with these sweet and spicy shrimp.

I make my own onion juice and celery juice by grinding the fresh vegetables, placing the pureed vegetables in cheesecloth and squeezing the juices from the vegetable pulp. All of the ingredients are placed in a large mixing bowl. The ingredients are blended with a hand held mixer or a whisk until well combined.

Season the remoulade with a little cayenne and your favorite hot sauce. I prefer Crystal hot sauce.

The recipe calls for regular paprika, but I also like to use a little smoked paprika to obtain that smoky and more complex flavor.

However you spice it, this family recipe for New Orleans style creole remoulade sauce is memorable and will enhance any boiled or steamed seafood you choose to serve.

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