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peanut sauce

Peanut Sauce with Cold Rice Noodles

A good sweet, tart and spicy peanut sauce should be part of every cook's repertoire. Peanut sauces are used by cuisines around the world.

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shrimp cakes

Shrimp Cakes

Shrimp cakes are served in many areas throughout Asia. They are sweet with the flavor of fresh shrimp and best when lightly fried until crisp and crunchy.

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blackberry jam cake

Blackberry Jam Cake

Jams add moisture and intense fruit flavor to cakes and tarts like this blackberry jam cake. This loaf cake is made with a dense and fruity blackberry jam.

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beef pork marinade

Marinade for Beef and Pork

We spend a lot of time grilling during the summer. So, finding an all purpose marinade that adds flavor and tenderizes the meat is important.

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burger recipe

My Favorite Fourth of July Recipes

The temperatures are soaring and it is sizzling hot. I’m sharing my favorite Fourth of July recipes. What do you think of cooking at this time of the year to spice up your Fourth of July? I certainly do not want to turn on the oven or heat up the kitchen. Here are some of […]

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low alcohol cocktails

“L’apero,” Aperitifs, an Old New Cocktail Experience

Happy hour in France and in other countries in Europe is a tradition that is a time honored ritual. Affectionately called “l’apero,” it is a shortened term for aperitifs, or as we know it, happy hour. L’apero is a sacred time of the day. It is a time to gather with friends as the sunlight […]

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essential spices

Spice up your Life: My Essential Herbs and Spices

If you clean out and reorganize your spice rack as intermittently as I do, it can be like taking a trip back in time and around the world. Sorting through my spice collection triggered my imagination evoking memories of bustling and exotic markets and unforgettable meals. I discovered smoked paprika from La Boqueria Market in […]

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Best of Sur le Plat 2019

Best of Sur le Plat 2019

Happy new year to all of the Sur le Plat fans that have faithfully followed me and let me know your favorite recipes this past year! These top ten recipes from 2019 reflect what you wanted to cook and share. For me personally these recipes recall memories of sultry nights in New Orleans, Florida beach […]

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