Summer Slaw with Sweet Peaches and Candied Cashews

summer slaw

This recipe for summer slaw is a take on Ottolenghi’s  Winter Slaw recipe in his cookbook, “Plenty.” I have kept the basic structure of the recipe the same but I have created modifications to use readily available ingredients and to showcase the summer peaches that are currently showing up at our markets from our neighboring states of Alabama and Georgia for this summer slaw!

I love a sweet and spicy summer slaw to serve with grilled foods as we gather outside to picnic and enjoy barbecues and the days grow longer and warmer. This chilled shredded cabbage sweet and crunchy slaw has a little lime juice to brighten the flavors. Candied cashews add a nice crunch. Red pepper flakes provide the heat and cilantro and mint bring a fresh green cooling herby flavor to smooth everything out.

Using a combination of red cabbage and green cabbage adds a lot of color to the plate. The bright orange and red peaches add another splash of color that serve to brighten the plate and your palate. Eating raw vegetables such as red and green cabbage that are rich in nutrients will help you meet your daily requirements for vitamins C and K. Cabbage is one of the cruciferous vegetables that you want to include in your diet frequently. Red cabbage, in particular, has antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties as well as a hearty and robust flavor to contribute to this slaw.

Because the vegetables are eaten raw, it only takes a short amount of time to shred the cabbage, mix the dressing, and roast the cashews. Once you have the ingredients prepped, it is just a matter of tossing everything together and assembling the ingredients, to let it steep so to speak. I like to make the salad a couple of hours before serving it so the cabbage will soften a bit in the dressing and absorb some of the flavors of the lime and the pepper. Serve slightly chilled and enjoy! Try my husband’s BBQ sauce recipe on grilled meats to pair with this slaw.

summer slaw

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