Dr BBQ’s Secret Sauce

bbq chicken

If you are considering feeding a crowd, grilling is the way to go. BBQ chicken with some sausage and other meats provide the perfect appetizers and main course for your Super Bowl event or any gathering with a large group. These grilled, smoky meats are irresistible when they are slathered with Dr. BBQ’s Secret Sauce.

My husband, Dr. BBQ, also known as Gayden, crafted this perfectly balanced sweet and spicy sauce. It has been a long sought after secret in Covington. These ingredients are approximate and the sauce is like a living organism. It is always evolving with the whim of the chef and the ingredients he happens to have on hand. So, feel free to interpret as you wish and use the basic ingredients, reduced proportionally, to make a small batch. This recipe makes about 4-5 dozen pint jars.  You will have plenty of sauce to grill several chickens, sausage and other meats as well as sauce to spare for gift giving or to refrigerate for future backyard entertaining. Send all of your guests home with a jar of your signature, no longer a secret, sauce!

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