Cauliflower Pie

cauliflower pie

Molly Katzen’s Moosewood cauliflower pie is a cheesy cauliflower quiche like mixture baked in a crust of crunchy, crisp, grated potatoes. This recipe is from the original Moosewood cookbook which is celebrating 40 years of plant based home cooking. From their humble restaurant in Ithaca New York, Moosewood Restaurant, and the 14 cookbooks that they have published, they have influenced generations of home cooks with their easy to follow seasonal vegetarian and vegan recipes.

Moosewood Restaurant is located in the Finger Lakes region of central New York state. It was conceived and opened in 1973 and still operates as a collective owned business. Most of the members of the collective have worked together for over 20 years. The restaurant strives to use local seasonal and unprocessed ingredients. Moosewood has mastered the art of creatively adapting family favorites to plant based recipes that can easily be duplicated in the home kitchen.

My worn and tattered copy of the original Moosewood Cookbook is literally in pieces and splattered lovingly with food stains. As I sort through the pages and pieces of one of my favorite cookbooks, I am filled with fond memories of my husband and I in the kitchen cooking favorite recipes together for our children, friends and family.

Our family favorites were always the cheesy cauliflower pie, spinach calzones, which was the only way we ever got our children to eat spinach, and the original Moosewood chocolate brownies. Moosewood published a cookbook of their 250 most popular and requested recipes. Other favorites such as red lentil soup with ginger, Peruvian quinoa salad, apple spice cake and tofu burgers.

I consider this cookbook and Molly Katzen’s recipes to be an important part of my cooking repertoire and what shaped me a self taught home cook. I strongly recommend that you peruse the Moosewood Cookbook collection of 14 cookbooks and choose at least one to add to your shelf.

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