Asiago Cheese and Black Pepper Biscuits


What could be easier than these 4 ingredient biscuits? My friend Darnell shared these this recipe with me recently. This recipe comes from a mother daughter duo blog called Biscuits and Burlap.

I have a recipe for a buttermilk style biscuit known as the “Almost Nearly Perfect Biscuit.” This biscuit is a little different and a little denser but still flaky and full of flavor.

You can use any kind of hard, sharp, salty cheese such as a parmigiana or a Romano. I am partial to asiago so I adhered to the original recommendation from the recipe. These biscuits pair well with so many foods. They are sturdy enough for dipping so think of recipes with rich creamy sauces. Try them with your favorite gumbo or stew, grits and grillades or even with BBQ shrimp. They are great for sopping up sauces.

I baked these cheesy asiago biscuits last week for a Sunday brunch. I was able to make them from start to finish in about 30 minutes. I served them with shakshuka and poached eggs and they were perfect. I like sharp cheesy biscuits with a sweet preserve so I also offered a couple of tart fruit jams and some preserved figs to choose from with the biscuits. Have fun!

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