Almost Nearly Perfect Biscuits

biscuit recipe

I discovered these incredible biscuits in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Ocean Springs is probably best known and associated with Walter Anderson, the Anderson family, and their work which lives on at Shearwater Pottery. Walter Anderson’s drawings and watercolors of the flora and fauna and the coastal landscapes of the barrier islands and the shoreline demonstrate his great love of nature. He expressed these feelings through not only paintings, but he also cut wood blocks, carved and decorated ceramics, and created pottery and murals. His deep understanding of color and form in nature draw me into the beautiful and transient world that he created.

As Ocean Springs continues to undergo a renaissance, many food artists have surfaced and have found their niche on the culinary map. One of these is an unassuming, funky, throwback  breakfast cafe, “Greenhouse on Porter,” that has mastered the simple art of the perfect biscuit and pour over coffee. Walter Anderson always spoke of the “magic hour” before sunset. When in Ocean Springs, I await the “magic hour” in the morning for coffee and warm biscuits at Greenhouse on Porter. I call it my “happy hour.”

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