Sun Dried Tomato Sauce

Sun Dried Tomato Sauce

This quick and easy no cook sun dried tomato sauce is perfect on pasta or served as an appetizer on toasts or crostini with whipped feta. These fragrant basil infused sun dried tomatoes are a great addition to your appetizer repertoire as a spread for classic bruschetta or on toast for brunch as a boost for your poached eggs and avocado. You can use sun dried tomatoes packed in oil or rehydrate the dried tomatoes. This would also be yummy if you used my recipe for slow roasted Roma tomatoes rather than the sun dried tomatoes.

Looking for a quick pasta sauce? Add a little olive oil to your cooked pasta and maybe some sliced kalamata olives, the sun dried tomato sauce, and there you have it. A one pot, one bowl, satisfying and bright main course. This sauce is robust and earthy and meets the requirements for a Mediterranean style heart healthy diet.

I am grateful to my friend Anne Morvant for sharing her recipe for this versatile tomato sauce. My family has enjoyed these tomatoes in many different shapes and forms and hope that you and your friends and family will do the same. Buon appetito!

sun dried tomato sauce

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