Savory Spinach and Mushroom Pies

savory spinach and mushroom pies

I served these savory spinach and mushroom hand pies with steaming bowls of my white bean minestrone soup one chilly fall afternoon while dining al fresco with friends in my courtyard. I discovered this recipe on the Two Cups Flour food blog. Jenn Davis is a baker and an incredible photographer and food stylist. Her recipes taste as good as they look or even better. She uses spinach, mushrooms and onions and then tops this savory mixture with cheese. The cheese melts and blends with the buttery flaky crust resulting in a delicate spinach and mushroom mini pie.

The dough is a classic pie crust suitable for sweet or savory fillings. If you have a favorite crust that is stable enough to maintain its shape when filled with this vegetable mixture, use whatever dough you may be comfortable with.  The Two Cups Flour recipe makes about one dozen small pies. In my interpretation, I made the pies about 6″ in diameter which yielded 8 medium-sized pies. These were perfect as a side for lunch.  I like to chop the mushrooms very small or even chop them by pulsing in the food processor to create a mixture that in french cuisine would be called duxelles.

Make sure that the spinach is chopped and that the vegetable mixture is drained well so that the pastry does not become soggy. I preferred to use a mixture of two kinds of cheese in my mushroom and spinach pies. I finely grated some regular creamy gouda and some smoky gouda. I love the combination of the two kinds of cheese and the hint of smoke suggested by this gouda.

Seal the pies tightly by brushing the edges of the dough with egg wash. Pinch the edges and then crimp them with a fork as you would do with the edges of a pie crust. Bake these savory spinach and mushroom mini pies on a parchment-lined sheet pan for about 2o minutes, then serve immediately.

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