Rainbow Cherry Tomato Salad

cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes, especially the multi colored heirloom varieties, make a bright tasting and a dazzling visual end of the summer salad. They are also are good for snacking, roasting, dehydrating, salads, and grilling.

This sunny end of summer salad mixes varieties of heirloom cherry tomatoes to achieve a rainbow of colors and shapes.
Check your local farmer’s market and seek out the yellow pear shaped, or a bright sun gold variety. The dark red, almost black varieties such as black cherry and black pearl, as well as the deep purples will bring depth to your color palette of tomatoes.
Perhaps you grow your own vigorous vines of assorted cherry tomatoes. Lucky you! You can also use slices of larger, brightly colored heirloom tomatoes to achieve the same results in this salad.

I added slivers of salty prosciutto and ribbons of shaved fresh parmesan to the halved tomatoes to enhance the flavors. The salad dressing has olive oil, sweet aged balsamic vinegar, a couple of chopped anchovies and some garlic.

Arrange the tomatoes on a platter so they can show off their jewel like colors. Garnish with fresh basil leaves and serve immediately.

cherry tomatoes

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