Grilled Potato Salad

Grilled potato salad

I was inspired by a recipe in Bon Appetit to make a version of this warm grilled potato salad to serve with my Sur le Plat Thai turkey burgers. My grilled potato salad is enhanced with chunks of red onions and mini multi colored peppers that add color, flavor, and texture to the salad.

For this grilled potato salad, the small new potatoes are pre boiled until tender but not falling apart. The potatoes are then gently smashed with your hand to flatten them out a little. Then they are tossed with a little olive oil and garlic so that they will not stick to the basket and brown while grilling.  The potatoes, onions, and peppers are placed in the grilling basket and cooked over the charcoal fire until browned and tender.

I would  highly recommend a grill basket for this recipe to evenly grill the vegetables and small potatoes without losing them to the grill. That can happen as we all know!

The dressing for the potatoes is made by whisking rice wine vinegar seasoned with a little fish sauce and some olive oil. Once the potatoes and the vegetables are cooked, they are gently tossed with this dressing. Next, fresh basil leaves that have been torn into large pieces are added to the potato salad. The basil adds a pungent flavor. Basil is sometimes sweet and sometimes savory with hints of black pepper and flavors of anise and mint. Dried basil is not as robust as fresh, so I do recommend fresh basil if possible.

Once the grilled potato salad is assembled, sprinkle the top with roasted sesame seeds. Serve immediately while warm. I like to serve as a side with my Thai turkey burgers or my Greek lamb sliders or even just a traditional beef hamburger.

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