Thai Turkey Burgers

Thai turkey burgers

There are many versions of turkey burgers and  Thai turkey burgers. This recipe from the Feasting at Home blog is one of my favorites. Feasting at Home recipes are usually global-oriented and vegetarian-driven. These turkey Thai burgers have many of my favorite Thai ingredients.

These Thai turkey burgers are zesty and aromatic with flavors of ginger, shallots, basil, or cilantro, fresh jalapeno peppers for some spice, and a dash of fish sauce for umami. Your palate will travel around the globe to Thailand as soon as you take the first bite of this savory burger.

The Feasting at Home recipe for the Thai turkey burgers recommends serving the burgers with an Asian slaw made with purple cabbage and carrots. I was in a hurry, so I bought a bag of premade slaw with green and red cabbage. I  added raw grated carrots and chopped cilantro.  Then I tossed the slaw with a little lime juice and olive oil, seasoned it with salt and pepper, and voila, a crunchy and colorful Asian slaw to top your Thai turkey burgers.

You can always opt to make your own mayonnaise from scratch. Remember the recipe for the Sur le Plat lemon garlic aioli? A mayonnaise and an aioli is a cold egg emulsion sauce that can be whipped up in the food processor or a blender. If you prefer to take a shortcut to make this sriracha mayo, just choose your favorite brand of mayonnaise, whisk in a little sriracha, or another hot sauce and there you have it. Don’t you just love shortcuts?

These burgers are great for a healthy alternative from beef burgers from your favorite fast food joint. You can make these ahead and freeze them. Then it will only take you about 30 minutes or less to grill or sauté the burgers, prepare the slaw, and whip up the spicy mayo.  A healthy, easy, week-night meal to satisfy you and your family or friends.

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