Farro and Plum Salad

farro and plum

Are you in search of another innovative recipe for summer stone fruits? I have shared savory recipes for fresh peaches such as sweet peach slaw, and grilled peach and shishito salad.

Peaches foster, and peach and blueberry galette are a couple of my sweet peach favorite on the blog. Stone fruits are at their best and tastiest during the hot summer months. Think plums, peaches, nectarines, cherries, apricots, mangoes and more to add a zing to your recipes. Now is the time to use these varieties of stone fruits in sweet and savory recipes or include them in a special cocktail recipe or a pitcher of chilled sangria.

I recently discovered some juicy red plums at the market. This recipe for farro and plum salad from Bon Appetit, has a Vietnamese twist. The farro is cooked and then combined with charred corn, basil and spicy peppers. Finally the sliced plums are added to the farro mixture. All of the ingredients are tossed with a salty, spicy and sweet Vietnamese vinegar sauce called nuoc cham.

You can find nuoc cham dipping sauce at many grocery stores or at an Asian specialty store. It is actually very easy to make and you could mix up a homemade version in no time. The ingredients are simple: lime juice, fish sauce, brown sugar, garlic, spicy peppers and vinegar. You can make it ahead and make extra to use as a dipping sauce for spring rolls and dumplings.

The farro and plum salad is served at room temperature. It can be made a couple of hours ahead and then tossed with the nuoc cham dressing about 15 minutes before serving. Garnish with basil and/or cilantro. This will serve 4 as a side salad and vegetarian side dish to accompany your main course. I served the farro and plum salad with grilled lemon garlic chicken but I feel that it would go with anything on your summer menu.


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