Blackberry Jam Cake

blackberry jam cake

Jams add moisture and an intense fruit flavor to cakes and tarts like this blackberry jam cake. This loaf cake is made with a dense and fruity blackberry jam from the farmer’s market in western North Carolina.

I lose count when I begin to think of all of the ways that you can incorporate jam into your recipes and your everyday cooking. Don’t limit yourself to the mundane toast and jam. Jam can be used as a base to make a glaze for chicken, ribs or other meats. Stir your favorite jam into a cocktail. Jam is always a welcome accompaniment with a creamy cheese, such a brie or a sharp hard cheese like manchego.

I also like to whisk a fruit jam or pepper jelly into a salad dressing.

You can make a killer PB and J or a grilled cheese with local fruit jams. I love fresh fruit jams such as blackberry, blueberry, or huckleberry with my scones, brioche, biscuits or pancakes. Cheese blintzes and crepes pair well with jam too.

Use your favorite jam to garnish your breakfast yogurt and granola or to make a quick topping for your ice cream, pudding or panna cotta for dessert. Add a little liqueur, such as rum or brandy or a fruit liqueur such as framboise to the jam sauce to give it a boost.

Toaster tarts? Make your own personal toaster tarts with a homemade jam. Stuff some french toast with a blackberry or raspberry jam or make this blackberry jam cake.

The choices of preserved and pickled vegetables and fruit at the farm stands in the mountains in North Carolina were astounding. I was drawn to the blackberry, huckleberry and peach jams. A friend of mine that recently visited there brought me some pear preserves so I hope to bring you a recipe for a pear cake or tart soon or maybe a glaze or salad dressing. Difficult decisions!

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