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Turn off the stove!
Summertime in south Louisiana means porch sitting, floating down cool, lazy, Louisiana rivers, and inventing every possible way to avoid
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scone baking
In the Sur Le Plat Kitchen: Making Scones, fruit cobbler and lemon curd
The inaugural Sur Le Plat scone making class was a tremendous success! We began the class with a tasting of
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How many cookbooks is enough?
Do I have to answer that question? One hundred and five, yes, 105 cookbooks, give or take a few that
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Latest Recipes

Peanut Sauce with Cold Rice Noodles

A good sweet, tart and spicy peanut sauce should be part of every cook's repertoire. Peanut sauces are used by...

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Shrimp Cakes

Shrimp cakes are served in many areas throughout Asia. They are sweet with the flavor of fresh shrimp and best...

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Blackberry Jam Cake

Jams add moisture and intense fruit flavor to cakes and tarts like this blackberry jam cake. This loaf cake is...

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Welcome to My Kitchen!

I love anything associated with food and creating beautiful, eye appealing and tasty meals. I love to use my antique damask linens, heirloom silver, family china, odd wine glasses and pieces from my pottery collection. “Sur le Plat” represents the entire planning process from menu details, going to the market or the grocery, ironing the linens, setting the table, cutting fresh flowers or greenery from the garden, and preparing the fresh ingredients for a meal. It’s about creating an ambience and a story to share with family and friends as we celebrate food together.

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