How Many Ways Can I Say I Love You this Valentine's Day?

How Many Ways Can I Say I Love You this Valentine’s Day?

I learned early on in my life that one of the many ways to express my love for others was through food. I observed my grandmothers, my mother, and my aunts making life just a little more tolerable during trying times with edible gifts. Perhaps it was making a favorite meal or cake for a birthday, delivering soothing soups or creme caramel (mom’s signature feel better dessert) to ailing neighbors or a new mom, or dropping off platters of stuffed eggs or casseroles of chicken tetrazzini for post-funeral gatherings.

When I first met and fell in love with my husband Gayden, food was a large part of what attracted us to one another. We found that we shared not only a love of eating good food but also spending time in the kitchen together cooking and entertaining as many friends as we could squeeze into our tiny apartment kitchen. Was it my mushrooms stuffed with crabmeat or my eggs Benedict that appealed to him?  I was smitten with his spaghetti and meat sauce (straight from a package) served with cheap Italian wine. It all tasted heavenly to me. Love is blind and obviously, my taste buds were too!

chocolate dessert

Now, I carry on this tradition of sharing food with my family, friends, and neighbors. I experience deep satisfaction and a sense of contentment when in the kitchen cooking for others. Not feeling well? My powerful healing cauliflower soup is in the pot and on the way! Mardi gras season? French king cake, galette des rois, delivered to your doorstep. Holiday season?  You can count on a basket of buttery brioche and jar of Dr BBQ Secret Sauce to help you celebrate the season. New to the neighborhood? A bag of scones or a plate of homemade cookies will serve as an introduction to me and my family.

For Valentine’s Day, dessert gifts, especially chocolate, are at the top of my list. No box of chocolates for me, please! Some of my go-to chocolate desserts for any day that I need a chocolate fix, particularly Valentine’s Day, include my warm molten chocolate cake, chocolate strawberry torte, and heartbreaker cake.

chocolate valentine cake

Chocolate and raspberries are 2 of my favorite combinations. If you love it too, try my frozen chocolate terrine with raspberry sauce. Layers of dark and white chocolate mousse with a tart raspberry sauce is sublime. My deep dark chocolate cookies are like indulging in a long, sweet lingering kiss and any of my brownie recipes should satisfy your chocolate cravings.

valentine cake

Peruse my website for more sweet and savory ways to say I love you to your dear ones. I hope that you find countless edible gifts to please your valentine!

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