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Thanksgiving Reinvented, 2021

I perused my recipe archives to create a new look and reinvent some of the traditions of  Thanksgiving dinner for the “new normal.” Last year I shared my favorite recipes for the holiday based on time-honored family traditions that have been repeated and are expected year after year. Stuffed mirlitons, oysters Mosca, and cajun roasted pork are some of our family favorites that will continue to grace our holiday table.

This year, however, I am planning to reinterpret the Thanksgiving menu with a fresh look at seasonal vegetables, appetizers, desserts, and cocktails.

Peggy’s mushroom pate is a great way to start the meal and tantalize your palate. It is light, not too filling, and meatless yet the mushroom pate is rich, earthy, and buttery. The pate is best when served with crusty french bread toasts and is the perfect prelude to your holiday meal.

mushroom pate

For the first course, I plan to serve my butternut squash and root vegetable soup or the pumpkin soup. A side of pumpkin scones would pair well with the soup as well as the remainder of the holiday fare.

butternut root veggie soup

I am working on my recipe for stuffed Cornish hens that I will share with you soon. These savory stuffed hens will be the focal point, rather than a roasted turkey, at our Thanksgiving table this year.

Colorful fall seasonal vegetables are flooding the stands at our local farmer’s market. I am choosing to roast brussel sprouts with bacon and garlic and make a baked rice and tomato casserole to serve with the Cornish hens. Both of these sides can be made ahead to reduce some of the last-minute stress on the chefs and strain on the kitchen.

The autumn salad with roasted acorn squash, and a tangy pomegranate vinaigrette lights up the table and the salad plates with bright colors and flavors.autumn salad

Finally, the moment I look forward to and the piece de resistance, dessert. I am thinking that caramelized apple crepes or a bourbon salted caramel cheesecake would both be a fitting ending to a fabulous Thanksgiving meal. Brew an Irish coffee for yourself and your guests and drink a Thanksgiving toast to your family and friends and good food. Cheers and happy Thanksgiving!

Bourbon salted caramel cheesecake


irish coffee

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