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West Coast Brownies

I always gravitate towards brownie recipes with brown sugar and coffee flavors such as my Coffee Rani brownies. These West...

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Dark and White Chocolate Terrine with Raspberry Sauce

This layered dark and white chocolate terrine with raspberry sauce is a barely frozen dessert like a semifreddo. It's a...

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How Many Ways Can I Say I Love You this Valentine's Day?

How Many Ways Can I Say I Love You this Valentine’s Day?

I learned early on in my life that one of the many ways to express my love for others was through food. I observed my grandmothers, my mother, and my aunts making life just a little more tolerable during trying times with edible gifts. Perhaps it was making a favorite meal or cake for a […]

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These heart shaped chocolate cakes are the perfect sweet for your sweetie on Valentine’s Day. When garnished with roasted pecans,...

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Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate heaven! My neighbor, Carol, gifted me with these cookies many years ago when I first moved into our neighborhood....

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Mom’s Favorite Brownies

I give full credit to Lora Brody for these brownies from her book, “Growing Up On the Chocolate Diet,” which...

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