Dark and White Chocolate Terrine with Raspberry Sauce

chocolate dessert

This layered dark and white chocolate mousse is a barely frozen dessert much like a semifreddo. It is truly a labor of love because it takes a little time to make each layer and then allow each layer to harden before adding another layer of mousse and the final layer of ganache. Trust me on this one, it is all worth it. You will add new skills to your repertoire as you learn how to make a mousse, fold, and whip up an Italian meringue. The result is that you will wow your guests and it makes enough to use for several dinner parties or one large event.

I believe that there is nothing so sublime as dark chocolate and raspberry so I serve this terrine with a light raspberry sauce or a mixed berry sauce. This dessert should satisfy all of your chocolate cravings and then some. Check out some of my other favorite recipes for chocolate lovers here.

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