White Bean and Artichoke Puree

white bean artichoke dip

One of our favorite restaurants in Covington is Del Porto. Husband and wife team David and Torre Salazzo create changing seasonal menus with fresh local ingredients. I love to start each meal with one of their fresh fruit vodka martinis, which could be the lemon lavender, grapefruit (see the Sur le Plat versions of these cocktails in my drinks section) or their satsuma martini. I also return to my favorite antipasti, the white bean and artichoke puree garnished with caper berries, olives and EVOO and served with garlic crostini, over and over again.

So here is my version of the recipe.  During these desperate times of restaurant closures, we long for something familiar that may provide us with comfort. Perhaps this homemade version of white bean and artichoke puree will bring you some pleasure and fond recollections too.

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