Watermelon Cucumber and Feta Salad

watermelon cucumber and feta salad

Watermelon cucumber and feta salad may seem like an unlikely combination to some. I love not only the cool color contrasts of the pink watermelon and the pale green cucumbers, but also the taste contrast of the sweet watermelon and the salty feta. The citrus dressing that I suggest pulls all of these delicate flavors together resulting in a refreshing summer salad that pairs well with any meal.

I like to start by buying a small seedless red watermelon. If you have a large watermelon with seeds that can work too. Cut the watermelon onto bite sized cubes and remove all of the seeds. If you have access to yellow watermelon, the combination of the red and yellow watermelon with the cucumbers will add a little more color to your cooking palate.

You can also opt to use either an English cucumber or regular cucumbers. The cucumbers should be peeled. It may not be necessary to peel the English cucumber. Definitely remove the seeds from the regular cucumbers before cutting them into cubes. You can peel and half the cucumber and then use a small spoon to scrape out the pulpy seed centers.

The red onion should also be chopped or diced into small pieces. Add as much of this as you like to taste.

I like the combination of the bitter arugula with the watermelon and cucumber.  The salad greens also add another bright pop of green and a different texture to the salad. You can use arugula or a blend of baby salad greens to line the bowl before adding the fruit and vegetable mixture.

Don’t forget the mint! The recipe calls for 2 tablespoons of chopped mint. I also like to add some whole mint leaves for additional flavor and texture.

And finally, the citrus dressing combines lemon, orange and lime with a little olive oil to pull all of these delicate and contrasting flavors together. Sweet, salty, acidic and bitter. A beautifully balanced watermelon cucumber and feta salad  makes the perfect summer salad.

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