Peach and Blueberry Galette

summer gallette

A galette is a rustic free form tart or pie that does not require a pan like this summer fruit galette. In some parts of France, in particular Brittany, the Breton galette is a buckwheat pancake or crepe  typically served with  savory fillings such as mushrooms, eggs or cheese. This recipe calls for a shortbread crust filled with fruit for a sweet, open faced tart.

Making the dough:

I made a dough that would pair well with the fruit that I had in mind. This dough is simple and adaptable to use for baking berries, stone fruits, such as plums, peaches, or apricots, and apples. The dough is a shortbread type of dough made with butter, flour, salt and a little water. You can work the dough by hand or in your food processor using a pulsing action. It is best if it is made a couple of hours ahead and chilled for a little while before filling with the fruit.

Making the filling for your galette:

I was able to purchase fresh Chilton County, Alabama peaches last weekend at our farmers market. Louisiana blueberries are in season too so my first thought was, how to best combine these two summer fruits. I used a pound of peeled peaches and a pint of blueberries. My galette was overflowing with warm fruit and love!!


Sprinkle the dough with a little cornmeal or plain breadcrumbs before placing fruit on the dough surface. Will help with too much moisture and avoid a soggy crust.

Adding cornstarch to the berries helps decrease the liquid and juices from the berries.

Roll out the dough in between parchment and bake on a piece of parchment to help crisp the dough and move the tart easily after baking.

Best when served warm. If you make it a couple of hours ahead of serving you can briefly reheat.

It’s yummy when served with fresh whipped cream or vanilla ice cream especially when the galette is warm!

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Summer Fruit Galette

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