Southwest Style Cobb Salad

southwest cobb salad

The ever-popular Los Angeles-born Cobb salad has a new look and a new taste. The Cobb salad goes southwest this summer with a smoking spicy chipotle salad dressing, grilled sweet corn, black beans, and Jack cheese.

The Southwest Style Cobb Salad has all of the traditional ingredients associated with the classic Cobb. The story is that the Cobb salad was born through necessity late one night in the 1930s at the Brown Derby restaurant in Hollywood.

You can choose to make your own chipotle mayo or buy a ready-made chipotle mayonnaise. I whisked my favorite mayo together with some Tabasco chipotle pepper sauce until it reached the desired amount of hot and then blended it with the remainder of the ingredients to make a creamy smoky dressing.

The southwest style Cobb salad is a hearty salad that can be served as a main for lunch or dinner. This salad is loaded with bold flavors and textures. The dressing is one of the best parts of this salad. It’s rich and creamy just like a traditional Cobb, but spicy and savory because of the cilantro, lime, and smoked paprika.

This is also a great make-ahead or take-on-the-go picnic salad. You can grill the chicken and corn ahead and slice them the day of serving. The eggs can also be hard-boiled ahead, the cheese grated, and the chipotle dressing can be whisked together and reserved in a jar. Just shake it up before pouring over the salad.

The salad is most beautifully presented when it is composed on a platter. The lettuce can be placed on the platter first and then allow the platter to be your palate as you create your masterpiece. You can make separate rows of each of the ingredients or layer the ingredients. Always place the eggs and avocados, bacon, and green onions on top. Serve slightly chilled.

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