Smoked Duck Breast Salad with Blackberry Jam Vinaigrette

smoked duck breast

How do you combine smoked duck breast with blackberry jam to create a no-cook, instant meal in 15 minutes? Try this! Slice a precooked smoked duck breast thinly over mixed greens and combine with roasted nuts, orange slices, and fresh blackberries drizzled with a sweet and tangy jammy blackberry vinaigrette. Thanks to Imperfect Foods, I received a smoked duck breast in my last delivery box. So, if you are thinking that I am going to teach you how to smoke a duck breast, think again. There is no time for that in this 15-minute no-cook recipe. There are innumerable resources online from which you can order a small smoked duck breast. A 7-8 oz breast is enough to feed 2 people for a main course or 4 for a sumptuous side salad. If you are feeling particularly energetic and you have fired up the smoker, it always makes sense to smoke several types of meat, vegetables, and whatever else you have in mind. So you may as well include a couple of duck breasts.

I always enjoy the challenge of creating new recipes and food combinations with the weekly ingredients I receive from Imperfect Foods. The rich and fruity blackberry jam was from my recent adventure to North Carolina. Duck and any kind of fruit or fruit-based sauce always seem to harmonize. Segmenting fresh oranges and adding blackberries to the salad created beautiful fall colors on the dinner plate.

You can roast either pecans or walnuts to add to the salad for crunch and texture. I also snipped a few green onions and tossed them with the salad greens for flavor.

The vinaigrette is a standard salad dressing. The 3 ingredients, blackberry jam, sherry vinegar, and olive oil, are whisked together to form a perfect emulsion. Some of the dressing is tossed with the greens and the remainder is drizzled over the salad to dazzle you and your guests. Relax and enjoy this no-cook easy 15-minute fall recipe!!

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