Vichyssoise, Cold Leek and Potato Soup


The process of preparing this soup is in the manner of a traditional French potage enriched with cream. When served hot it is known as Parmentier. The cold version, vichyssoise, is attributed to Chef Louis Diat who first prepared this soup at the Hotel Ritz Carlton in NYC in 1917.

I prepared this soup when teaching a Sur le Plat summer soup class recently. It is super simple and can be prepared in a matter of minutes, particularly if you already have your chicken stock or vegetable stock made. I had forgotten how beautiful this velvety rich soup is and so appropriate for a hot summer day. I love to serve it from a tureen and in individual deep white french soup bowls. I even garnished mine with a little fresh crabmeat left over from another cold soup. I discovered that it is possible to improve on something as simple and perfect as vichyssoise.

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