Lamb Nachos

lamb nachos

I received my first delivery from Imperfect Foods last week. I ordered the ground lamb because it is difficult to find in my local super market and I had an envie for a lamb burger. Once I received the lamb and checked out a few recipes for lamb burgers and the other produce in my mystery box, I decided on another twist and determined that this ground lamb would have a different fate: Lamb nachos.

It was important to me to make them Mediterranean style rather than drift into the easy comfort of a southwestern theme. So I looked at what was available in my Imperfect Food box and set out to create a Mediterranean inspired recipe.

Two cucumbers. Of course, I would make tzatziki. Check out my recipe for this cucumber, yogurt and garlic sauce that is always a great addition to any meze and would certainly work with the lamb nachos that I was imagining.

Next I sliced up some cherry tomatoes and added Kalamata olives and feta drizzled with Greek olive oil and made a sort of Greek style salad sans cucumbers since I already had those in the tzatziki.

I roasted whole cumin seeds and coriander seeds and ground them in a small spice grinder.Then I added these spices to the lamb and onion and garlic mixture that I had sautéed. I also added fresh oregano and a little spicy red pepper paste. This red pepper paste is usually available at Middle eastern food markets. I highly recommend that you purchase some of this paste to stock your pantry.

Corn tortilla chips did not fit with this Mediterranean recipe. I baked some whole wheat pitas and brushed them with an olive oil and herb mixture and baked them until they were brown and crunchy.

I layered the pita chips and lamb mixture on a plate. Then I topped the lamb with the tomatoes and olives and tzatziki. You can always add a little more feta if desired. I hope that you love these Mediterranean style nachos as much as we did. You can serve these on a large platter as an appetizer or individual servings for lunch or dinner.

lamb nachos

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