Hamachi Carpaccio or Sashimi

hamachi sashimi

My brother Kim, has promised to take me to one of the famous Nobu restaurants, some day. Still waiting Kim! Until I am able to make it to LA or New York, Las Vegas, Houston or Dallas, I will satisfy myself with his interpretation of the great chef, Nobuyuki Matushisa’s sashimi. Nobu’s inspiration reflects a fusion of cooking styles that blends his Japanese heritage with an influence from Peru. Therefore, it is not unusual to see jalapeños, garlic, tomatoes and other combinations of herbs, spices and vegetables show up on the plate that you may not associate with traditional sashimi.
This sashimi or carpaccio is typically prepared with “hamachi” or a Japanese amberjack known as yellow tail. You can also make it with salmon or sashimi grade tuna.

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