Grilled Corn on the Cob

Super grilled corn for Super Bowl (or Boycott/Shun Bowl) Sunday. I am always looking for an excuse to visit New York and hate to admit it, but sometimes it is only for the grilled corn, “elotes”, at Café Habana in Nolita where I discovered this simple pleasure many years ago. As you will see, this is not necessarily a low fat way to prepare corn. However, you may be willing to sacrifice all thoughts and concerns of  counting calories when you taste this traditional Mexican style street food. The corn is a perfect balance of smokiness from the grill, combined with the creamy mayo-crema fresca, spiced with chili and cayenne and finished off with a squeeze of fresh lime. You can do this at home…go ahead and give it a try. Great with BBQ chicken or anything else from the grill. 


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