Green French Lentils with Potatoes and Spinach

Lentils are so versatile and easy to cook because they do not have to be presoaked. They cook rather quickly, in less than an hour, and you can have a complete nutritious meal. Lentils have cholesterol lowering fiber, help manage blood sugar, and are full of vitamin B and protein. The slow burning carbohydrates in lentils help increase your energy levels and brain power. Good for your heart too!

Buy the dried lentils. There are many different types. I love the small green lentils from Le Puy in France. These can sometimes be a little hard to find but worth the investment of your time. The red and yellow lentils are typically used in Indian cooking. You can usually buy the plain greenish brown colored lentils at any grocery store and they will produce satisfying results. Remember, no pre- soaking required so you can make a last minute decision and still produce a yummy one pot meal or use them as a side to compliment anything from fish to meat.

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