Green Beans and Potatoes, Aloo Ki Sabzi

green beans

There are many names for this potato and green beans Indian curry or stir fry recipe with Punjabi roots. Punjab is located in northern India. I have seen this bean and potato mixture referred to primarily as either Aloo,(for potatoes) Ki Sabzi or Aloo Faliyan. In any case, it is simple and easy and you should have the basic spices that are required to make this Punjabi style stir fry.

I like to use ghee to sauté the potatoes and herbs. The ghee provides a little richness to the potatoes and beans. If you do not have ghee in your pantry, you can easily substitute vegetable oil. You will need the following dried spices: cumin seeds, coriander, red pepper flakes, turmeric and garam masala. If you cannot find garam masala, you may choose to omit it.
The green beans or string beans can be prepared in the usual fashion. Wash the beans and break them into bite sized pieces. Remove the string on the beans if they are tough.

I like to use small red new potatoes to stir fry with the beans and spices. Regular baking potatoes become soft and too mushy during this cooking process. So choose a firm waxy potato. You don’t have to peel them, but cut them into rough quarters or halves.

Aloo Sabzi is usually cooked uncovered to keep the potatoes and the beans crisp and dry. It is referred to as a dry curry.
However, you may need to add a little moisture and place a lid over the skillet if the potatoes and beans need encouragement to cook and become tender. I served these beans and potatoes with grilled steaks last week. A little different from a stuffed baked potato but a nice healthy change and a one pot solution to potatoes and veggies in one pot.

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