Chanterelle Mushroom Sauté

golden chanterelles sauteed

Golden chanterelles . The less you do with them, the more they give back to you with their unique flavor, texture, and delicate aroma. They have been described as earthy, buttery and having a taste like fresh apricots. Chanterelles begin to appear in our markets during the summer in June and July. They seem to like the wet climate and warm temperatures and share a symbiotic relationship with hardwood trees such as our oak trees.

If you hunt or forage for your own golden chanterelles, you may need to give them a brief rinse to remove the dirt. Be careful when cleaning not to over soak them with water. If you rinse the chanterelles, allow them to drain and dry before cooking. The golden chanterelles will produce a lot of water as you cook them, so you do not want to get them too wet. If they are relatively clean, you may just prefer to wipe them off with a damp cloth.

In this simple and versatile recipe, I gently sauté chanterelles and white button mushroom slices in butter with a little garlic, fresh herbs and green onions. You can use just chanterelles if you prefer not to mix different types of mushrooms.

Less is more with chanterelles. You do not want to overwhelm this delicate mushroom with peppers or strong herbs and spices. A little butter and some cream are usually the perfect pairing.

I used these sautéed chanterelles in an omelet for breakfast one morning. You could also use the chanterelle mixture in a quiche or in a frittata. The next day, I served the sautéed chanterelles over polenta with a little cream and parmesan cheese. This could be served as a vegetarian main course or as a side.

They will also pair beautifully with beef and chicken. Top your favorite steak or burger with sautéed chanterelles. The possibilities and recipes are endless.

golden chanterelles

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