Cranberry, Orange, Pecan Scones

Cranberry, orange, pecan scones

Cranberry, orange, and pecan scones. Scones, scones and more scones. I make scones for breakfast, scones for afternoon tea, and give scones as gifts any time of the year and for all occasions. I have probably made and baked 1000 plus scones over the years. I never seem to tire of making them and my dear friends and family never seem to tire of receiving them and enjoying their warm and flaky goodness at any time of the day.

I have shared recipes with you for traditional raisin and currant scones, fresh blueberry scones, dried cherry scones, almond scones, and strawberry scones. The possibilities are endless when it comes to flavoring these English tea biscuits with your favorite roasted nuts, fresh fruit, dried fruit, or citrus.

I chose to flavor these holiday cranberry, orange, and pecan scones with dried cranberries for their bright red color and tart flavor. Pecans are prevalent in south Louisiana during the holidays so it was easy to find a bag of shelled pecans. I roasted them and chopped them roughly before mixing the nuts into the scone dough.

Finally, a little grated orange seemed to be the perfect complement to the pecans and cranberries. The freshly grated orange added zest and zing to the scone dough.

I have several different sizes and shapes of biscuit cutters that I use when making scones. You may prefer to pat out the scone dough and then cut it into large triangular shapes. Remember, the secret in a tender, flaky dough is not to overwork it. I like a smaller scone. I use a 2″ biscuit cutter and cut either round or heart-shaped scones.

If I am giving these Cranberry, orange, and pecan scones as gifts, they will fit perfectly into small cellophane bags. Tie the bag with a festive ribbon and attach a card to identify the type of scone and, voila, you have a sweet and much-appreciated gift for a special friend or new neighbor. Is it tea time yet?

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