Cherry and Roasted Pecan Scones

cherry pecan scones

Cool brisk fall mornings invite inspiration like these scones in the kitchen. I relish the luxury of joining friends after our morning walk on my back porch for that extra cup of coffee, a few simple breakfast pastries, and time to tell a few final stories before we start the day.

Following a recent trip to Michigan, I returned with a package of Montmorency dried cherries. These large, plump, juicy berries were grown in the Montmorency Valley in France in the 17th century. The Montmorency cherry tree has been cultivated in the United States, primarily in the Grand Traverse Bay region in northwest Michigan, since the 19th century. Over 90% of sour cherries produced in the US are from the Montmorency cherry tree.

These sour cherries can be substituted for raisins or other dried fruits in pastries, sauces, and salads, or wherever you need a little extra touch of tangy. Inspired by the cool temperatures and my recent trip to Michigan, I decided to incorporate the tart cherries into one of my favorite recipes so I could share these riches from Michigan with friends. I substituted these plump cherries for raisins and added them to my scone recipe. In addition, a little hint of orange zest and some roughly chopped roasted pecans completed the recipe and resulted in a delicate balance of the sour Montmorency cherries with a touch of the south from the roasted pecans.

These dried Montmorency cherries are high in vitamin A and beta carotene much like strawberries and blueberries. They also contain high amounts of melatonin and they are one of the few known food sources of melatonin. Our breakfast menu last week included these Montmorency cherry and pecan scones, pumpkin scones, homemade granola, fruit salad, and soy sauce eggs. Settle in with friends or family on your front porch or maybe inside around a cozy fire and enjoy a few extra moments of quiet this morning. Don’t forget the scones!!

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