Ceviche with pink grapefruit from Hartwood

ceviche recipe

I ate a similar ceviche when we were at Hartwood Restaurant in Tulum on the edge of the jungle and the Caribbean Sea on the magical Yucatan Peninsula. I love the mixture of three citrus juices with salt used in this ceviche to “cook” the fish. Ceviche can be so refreshing on a hot summer night. I’ll never forget my first encounter with ceviche. We were on a small dive boat in the Caribbean heading out to the reef for a snorkeling expedition. Divers on the boat gathered caracole or small conch and sea snails, and combined the conch with salt, lime, hot peppers, cilantro and tomatoes to create a marinade. By lunch time, the ceviche was adequately cooked and we enjoyed hanging our feet over the side of the boat after a morning swim, basking in the sun and enjoying the cooling palate that this fresh out of the sea ceviche offered us. At Hartwood, this ceviche is made with wahoo. I substituted mahi mahi with great success.

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