Apple Pear Toddy

Apple Pear Toddy

Last winter I shared my classic hot toddy recipe with you. This year, I am happy to share this take on the traditional toddy. A toddy is made with liquor, a simple syrup, and some herbs and spices.

The apple pear toddy is made with a sweetened pear puree that is added to the drink like a simple syrup. Rather than whiskey, the apple pear toddy recommends a dark or amber rum. I use unfiltered apple juice that has been gently warmed to combine with the pear puree and the rum. The drink can be garnished with a slice of pear and a cinnamon stick to make it even a little more festive.

The apple pear toddy looks and smells like fall and cold winter nights. You may want to combine several of my appetizers with the toddies or perhaps something sweet after dinner or as an afternoon treat. Try this carrot and ginger soup to accompany the fruity toddy. Or you may prefer the toddy with my spicy and sweet pecans. 

For an after-dinner sipper, I would try a spiced cookie to accompany the toddy such as my ginger cookies or the gingerbread cake with brandied apples.  The spices in these desserts are complemented by the cinnamon and fruity flavors of the apple pear toddy. The drink and the dessert will make you feel warm and fuzzy. Happy holidays!

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