“Cookie is Lifestyle”

“Cookie is Lifestyle,” says Cookie Monster sweetly, and I agree. Cookies are part of my lifestyle and I choose them whenever I have a craving for sweets and even at times when I don’t but just feel the need to indulge my sweet tooth.

To give a gift of homemade cookies is to truly give a gift of love, making the holidays even sweeter.

As you think about which cookies to bake this holiday season, consider traditional family recipes and cookies that vary in size, texture and taste. Choose some cookie recipes that are chewy,  such as these peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, some that are crispy, and some that are crunchy.

Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

At least one chocolate variety is necessary, like these deep dark chocolate cookies. These chocolate crinkles are perfect for your gluten and dairy free friends too.

chocolate cookies

Perhaps your friends and family would like something a little nutty? Other than deep dark chocolate cookies and chocolate chip cookies, these powdered sugar dusted cocoons,  known as Mexican wedding cookies, with roasted pecans are one of my all time favorite cookies. The shortbread is delicate and buttery. When dusted with powdered sugar they remind me of the first light snow of winter.

holiday cookies

Finally, the holidays would not seem complete without gingerbread or ginger cookies. Fragrant with cinnamon, ginger, cloves and allspice these richly scented and spiced cookies are easy to make and will complete your holiday cookie gift bags.

Ginger cookies

No matter how you box them, bag them, or wrap them, you are certain to make someones holiday a little bit sweeter with the gift of homemade cookies. Happy holidays!!!






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