Brussel Sprouts with Bacon and Garlic

Brussel Sprouts with bacon and garlic

How many ways are there to cook Brussel sprouts? I usually sauté or roast sprouts. However, these particular Brussel sprouts with bacon and garlic are truly my favorite. That could be because anything roasted with bacon and garlic is divine, right?

Look for small to medium brussel sprouts at your grocery or farmers market. I also like to get the bags of shaved Brussel sprouts at Trader Joe’s. When you trim and cut the Brussel sprouts or if you use the shaved sprouts, save all of the leaves that fall off and add them to the sheet pan for roasting. These will turn into crispy crunchy delights or as I like to call them, Brussel sprout chips!

This one pan side veggie allows you to combine the minced bacon and garlic with the sprouts on a sheet pan. Toss the sprouts with a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper. Once you make sure that everything is mixed well and coated with the olive oil, place the pan in a 400 degree oven and bake. Don’t forget to turn the Brussel sprouts occasionally to obtain evenly roasted and crisped vegetables. I even like mine slightly charred.

Once the Brussel sprouts with bacon and garlic are completely roasted, you should serve immediately while they are still crisp. You can reheat if needed but maximum crunch and freshness is obtained by serving the sprouts straight from the oven.

It is optional to serve the roasted Brussel sprouts with a drizzle of a balsamic vinegar reduction which can be purchased or DIY. I also buy the balsamic reduction in a squeeze bottle from Trader Joe’s and it is quick and easy and can be used in many other recipes. The sweet and sour syrup adds a touch of color and  additional flavor to the garlicy smoky sprouts.


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