Caramelized apple crepes


My great-grandmother, Granny, or “Sweet Lou” made legendary crepes. My dad never tired of recounting stories of Granny standing at the stove making crepes as he and his favorite cousin Ronnie, consumed unlimited numbers of these thin pancakes directly from the pan. A little butter and a sprinkle of sugar on a hot crepe was all one needed to be fulfilled with the goodness of these thin, light, sweet delights.

My lovely French friend and accomplished pastry chef, Brigitte, recently made crepes for us while we were in Michigan. I caramelized some fresh, locally grown Empire apples from the Port Austin, Michigan farmers market. A dollop of whipped cream or chantilly completed this perfect ending to our dinner. Voila, caramelized apple crepes!

I am sharing my great-grandmother’s recipe for crepe batter. Crepes can be served with a savory filling as a main course or as a sweet ending to a meal as a dessert. Or, keep it simple as my dad used to do. A little butter and some sugar and you can almost imagine that you are on the streets of Paris. Is that the Eiffel Tower in the distance??

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