Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream Sandwiches

ice cream sandwiches

Vietnamese coffee is guaranteed to give you a jolt, a sweet jolt. I like it iced or hot. I have had Vietnamese iced coffee pie and Vietnamese ice cream and thought why not Vietnamese iced coffee ice cream sandwiches?

Imagine this, creamy coffee flavored frozen cream wedged between two chocolate cookies. This is not your typical ice cream sandwich, but surely it will be good.

Traditional Vietnamese iced coffee is made with a strong dark roast coffee and many times with coffee and chicory such as our homegrown Cafe du Monde brand coffee. The coffee is dripped directly over the individual cup and then served with a sweet full fat condensed milk stirred into the hot or cold brew. Maybe it is my weakness for condensed milk that draws me to this coffee.

When I was a child, my grandmother, “Maw Maw,” kept a little cut glass container filled with condensed milk on her kitchen table. My grandparents actually used the condensed milk as a sweetener in their morning cup of tea.

Maw Maw would give each of the grandchildren a tiny silver demitasse spoon to scoop out a small taste of the sweet condensed milk and pop it directly into our mouths. Decadent, heavenly and a better than candy.

I do not have an ice cream maker so I searched for a quick “no churn” ice cream. Jenn Segal’s blog Once Upon a Chef,  had the perfect recipe. After combining the coffee and condensed milk, vanilla, a little salt and the heavy cream, I lightly whipped all of the ingredients together. Once they were light and fluffy, I poured the mixture into a shallow pan. I wanted the ice cream to be about 1/2 inch thick so it would hold up to cutting and shaping. I also wanted enough ice cream in the sandwich so that the flavors would not be overwhelmed by the chocolate cookies.

Do not be discouraged by the length of this recipe. Each step is easy and requires freezing in between so start these a day ahead of when you may want to serve them. You and your guests will not regret this sweet treat, ice cream sandwiches!

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