Tahini Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oatmeal tahini cookies

Half Baked Harvest tempted me with an intriguing photo of these tahini oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. What could I do other than indulge myself and my friends with these beautiful and tasty salted sweet morsels?

This was my first time baking with tahini but discovered that it is simply another kind of fat or nut butter that can be used just like almond butter, peanut butter or regular butter. It has a lighter and more earthy taste than other nut butters. This actually makes it a great choice for a lot of savory dishes too.

Peanut butter and tahini are both high in healthy fats and have very little sugar. Peanut butter has a little more protein. However, tahini is safe for people who have tree nut allergies and is a great gluten free vegan condiment in sweet and savory cuisine.

There are many things that I love about this tahini oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe. Where do I begin? First, the coconut oil combined with the tahini gives the cookies a moist and chewy texture with a deep nutty flavor.

The old-fashioned oats give the cookies texture and provide additional protein, carbs, and fiber. Oatmeal is on my list of superfoods! The oats are combined with almond flour or almond meal to further enhance the nutty goodness of these cookies.

Of course, I love chocolate in almost anything. I used dark chocolate chunks in these cookies to increase the intensity of the chocolate in every bite.

The chocolate adds a mild sweetness but the real maple syrup takes it up a notch.

Flaky sea salt added to chocolate chip cookies and chocolate or caramel candy brings all of the flavors together and slightly exaggerates the taste of the coconut, almond, sesame seed butter, and chocolate. The salt is optional and added at the end, so choose the method you prefer.

Hope that you enjoy these cookies as much as I did!

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