Salmon and Veggie Noodle Bowl

salmon veggie bowl

This salmon vegetable bowl with herbs has a Vietnamese flair. Fish sauce, ginger, lime, and garlic, are combined with raw vegetables and fragrant mint, cilantro, and basil to create a flawless one-bowl meal.

I have shared several versions of noodle bowls on the website with you over the years. Some are brothy and are more like a soup such as my shrimp udon noodle bowl.

The salmon coconut rice bowl is also a different version made with rice rather than noodles. This salmon veggie noodle bowl with herbs has a light marinade and tangy aromas and flavors, layered over noodles with the crunch of raw fresh veggies.

I like to use either brown rice vermicelli or a thicker brown rice noodle typically used for pad thai. Most of these noodles are gluten-free. You should be able to find these at any of your local grocery stores.  You can prepare these noodles according to the directions on the package. The vermicelli can be soaked in hot water until tender. If the noodles are thicker, you may need to boil them for 4-5 minutes. After you prepare the noodles you can drain them and set them aside. If you do not plan to use them immediately, you can microwave them before serving.

Peel the cucumbers and carrots. Cut the carrots into matchsticks or if you are in a rush, you can grate the carrots. The cucumber can be quartered and cut into small chunks or cubes.

Whisk the ingredients for the marinade and spoon a little of it over the salmon fillets. Let the salmon rest for up to an hour if you like before cooking.

Once you have prepared all of the components, it is time to assemble the bowl. This recipe makes 2 servings. Take 2 deep bowls and divide the noodles into equal portions. Arrange the marinated vegetables and herbs over the noodles. Place the cooked salmon on top of the noodles and veggies. Arrange the slices of avocado and the crushed roasted peanuts on top as a garnish. What an impeccable and easy one-bowl meal!

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