Peruvian Quinoa with Vegetables

Sunday I had a planning party for my traveling tribe to discuss our itinerary and packing list for our upcoming trip to Peru. This occasion offered me a chance to explore and cook Peruvian cuisine. I was really just looking for any excuse to make ceviche and pisco sours to accompany my quinoa and vegetable salad!

In the last 10 years there has been a gastronomic boom and an upsurge in the demand for Peruvian food. The staples in a Peruvian kitchen are potatoes and other tubers, corn, grains such as quinoa, peppers and tomatoes and legumes. The cuisine has been influenced over centuries by the Europeans, especially the Spanish, West Africa and surprisingly by Asia.

Here is my interpretation of a Peruvian quinoa salad with beans, peppers and tomatoes. Check out my “Pollo a la Brasa” (Peruvian Chicken) recipe for a complete Peruvian menu.

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