Moroccan Fish Stew

moroccan fish stew

This Moroccan Fish Stew is light and full of flavor. Whenever and wherever I travel, my favorite souvenirs are spices from the local markets. If I am not planning to travel to certain countries, I never hesitate to ask friends that are traveling to faraway lands to purchase unique spices for me. My friend Maura recently visited Morocco. The souks or markets in Marrakesh are renowned for their vibrant colors and spices from the melting pot of Berber, French, Spanish and Arabic cuisines. Maura brought me some ras el hanout which literally means “head of the shop” or top-shelf. This unique North African aromatic blend can have up to 50 individual spices in the mixture. I used it in this fish stew but it is renowned for the warmth and complexity that it contributes to tagines, soups, stews, and vegetables. You can mix your own blend or find a friend traveling to Marrakech to pick some ras el hanout up for your Moroccan Fish Stew!

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