Mahogany Chicken Wings

mahogany chicken wings

Wings! Any way that you choose to cook them, they never fail to be a crowd pleaser. Asian style mahogany chicken wings are baked, rather than fried. They are just the right balance of sweet and salty and wonderfully sticky.

Serve up these wings at your outdoor barbecue as an appetizer, take them on a picnic, and of course wings are always a hit at any sporting event or on game day.

Mahogany chicken wings start with a rich marinade. Hoisin sauce, plum sauce, soy sauce, sherry, honey, apple cider vinegar and some green onions are simmered briefly until the flavors commingle. The wings are marinated overnight in the sauce so they can absorb the goodness of the sweet, salty and acidic seasonings.

It is less expensive to buy whole wings rather than the “party” wings. You can leave the wings whole for baking or you can separate the wings. The smaller part of the wing with two bones is called the wingette and the larger part that looks like a small chicken leg is called the drumette.

After the wings have marinated overnight, it is time to heat the oven and bake them for about 60-90 minutes. Line a couple of sheet pans with foil. Cover the pans well so the sauce will not seep under the foil. If it does, no problem, but you will be scrubbing the sticky sauce from your pans.

Depending on the size of the wings, and if you have decided to separate them into two parts or keep them whole, it usually takes 60 minutes to bake the smaller wings and 90 minutes to bake the whole wings.

I usually dispose of the marinade after I lay the wings in a single layer on the sheet pan. If you decide to use the marinade, reduce it until thick. You can use this to drizzle over the baked wings after you have removed them from the oven. It’s a sticky mess but it sure is good!

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