Fig Preserves

fig preserves

I love fresh fig preserves. I prefer whole fig preserves cooked slowly in a simple syrup with a few lemon slices. A friend of mine makes a thick, rich and fruity fig jam. Either one, the jam or the preserves, is deliriously delicious on a hot buttered scone or biscuit.

There is a shop in Point Clear, Alabama that has the best fig preserves that I have ever tasted. If you are ever in south Alabama on Mobile Bay, treat yourself with a trip to Punta Clara Kitchen. They are known for their homemade old fashioned specialty candies, pickles, jams, preserves and fudge. The Kitchen initially earned their fame and are recognized for making the best fig preserves and pralines on the Alabama coast.

I also love eating them with a sharp cheddar cheese. My family had an unusual tradition of eating sharp cheddar cheese with cane syrup. Eating a bowl of preserved figs in their thick sweet syrup with sharp cheddar and a piece of toast for dipping sounds crazy, but before you pass judgement, try it.

If you have access to fresh figs, I recommend making these preserves. This recipe is for a small batch that will yield 2 pint jars. If not, go online and order some of the best you will ever eat from Punta Clara Kitchen. You won’t be sorry.

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