Double Ginger Snap Cookies

Double Ginger Snap Cookies

I was searching for the perfect cookie recipe, something full flavored and bold,  to complement the Indian fish curry and the saag paneer I prepared this week.  I pulled out my well worn copy of  Williams Sonoma Cookies, to search for something with ginger, cloves and molasses. Et voila, these Double Ginger Snap Cookies  appeared before me begging to fill my kitchen with their wonderful and warm aromas. How could I resist?

These cookies have all of the essential ingredients to make the rich, full ginger snap cookies that we love and dream about. By using ground ginger and fresh ginger, together with cinnamon and cloves, these Double Ginger Snaps have just the right balance of spices. The combination of the brown sugar and molasses bring a deep gratifying flavor to the cookies and result in a beautiful dark brown color and crisp texture.

Other than the spices, you will also need crystallized ginger to make these cookies. The crystallized ginger is chopped finely and added to the cookies along with the powdered ginger. I used a coarse turbinado cane sugar to sprinkle on the top of each cookie.

I urge you to incorporate these spicy ginger snaps into your cookie repertoire. There is no need to wait to eat ginger cookies and ginger cake during the holiday season. Enjoy these double ginger snap cookies all year round.

These cookies are quick and easy to make. Is there anything better than a warm homemade cookie? Not in my opinion. I would also recommend serving these with a cup of hot herbal tea or hot chocolate. Chocolate and ginger make great companions. Or try my recipe for yuanyang, a Hong Kong style mixture of milk tea and coffee. Happy baking!!

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