Cobia Provencal with Tomatoes, Basil and Capers

Cobia Provencal

Cobia is a firm white fish that is buttery and has a mild flavor. This recipe for cobia provencal with tomatoes, basil and capers, demonstrates how well this versatile flaky fish pairs with many types of sauces and seasonings.

I usually buy cobia from the fish market when I visit Florida. Cobia is fished in the gulf waters and any waters that are warm and tropical or subtropical. Fisherman in coastal Florida on the Gulf of Mexico and on the Atlantic coast from Virginia to the Florida Keys catch cobia. In some areas cobia is also known as lemon fish or ling.

For this cobia Provencal with tomatoes, basil and capers sauce, sauté multicolored cherry tomatoes in a little olive oil with garlic.  Then add dried oregano and fresh basil and parsley to sharpen the flavors. Once the herbs and vegetables are soft and the flavors begin to blend, add a splash of white wine or stock and a little butter. This produces a creamy velvety finish to the sauce. It almost feels like a beurre blanc except for the tomatoes and capers!!!

If you cannot get cobia, any mild, flaky fish can be substituted. This Provencal style sauce pairs well with almost anything. Bring a touch of Southern France to your kitchen and your cooking with this savory and colorful sauce and cobia Provencal with tomatoes, basil and capers.


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