Boiled Crawfish

boiled crawfish

For as many chefs that exist in Louisiana there are an equal number of recipes and techniques for boiling crawfish. Most of the conversation at a crawfish boil is focused on everyone sharing their personal tips and unsolicited advice for how to make the best crawdads and what to add to the boil. In south Louisiana  crawfish boils have become more creative and there are no limits when it comes to adding sweet and savory edibles other than the traditional corn and new potatoes.  I have eaten spicy mushrooms, artichokes, brussel sprouts, sausage, and pineapple all cooked and soaked in the spicy crawfish boil brew.

This recipe came from a family friend and has evolved over the years. I am sharing the original recipe but I am sure that your friends and family will be happy to offer their expert opinions and cooking tips too.

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