The Best of the Best, Sur le Plat 2021

The Best of the Best, Sur le Plat 2021

Happy new year and thank you loyal readers and followers for yet another successful year. Sur le Plat hosted over 62,000 visitors to the site and 200,000 views of our recipes.

This year, among the top ten recipes viewed was Turlu Turlu, Turkish style roasted vegetables. 

turlu turlu

You can serve these roasted veggies as a vegetarian main or a side. Turlu translates to “all sorts” which is an apt description for this spiced vegetable mixture which I describe as a middle eastern ratatouille. As you may have discovered, I love Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. I challenge you in this new year to cook with new spices and unfamiliar ingredients. Allow yourself to travel to other parts of the world from your kitchen.

We are fortunate to live near the Gulf of Mexico so we are filled with a bounty of fresh fish and shrimp. Many of you viewed the recipe for redfish on the half shell. This quick and easy way to prepare and grill fish is well suited for any firm white fish. Make sure that you leave the skin and scales on the fish for grilling.

I love greens, especially after a long holiday season of binging and eating too many rich foods. I first tasted callaloo while traveling in Jamaica several years ago. It’s the perfect balance of spicy hot when served with sweet fried plantains or baked sweet potatoes and a citrus rum drink such as my Mardi Gras rum punch.jamaican greens

Your favorite one pot pasta meal in 2021 was pasta with cannellini beans and spinach or pasta e fagiole. Beans and pasta may seem like an unlikely combination but certainly not in Italy. Go Italian for the new year and try these silky white beans with your favorite pasta and fresh spinach.

pasta with cannelinni beans

Finally, and also among the top ten recipes that you preferred was the SLP preserved lemon with vodka martini. I have shared my recipe on the blog for making preserved lemons. If you do not have any in your pantry, consider making some soon and using this tart and salty mediterranean citrus to season meats, fish and vegetables. This martini is unique and aromatic with a salty and tart flavor that enhances the taste of your favorite vodka.Preserved lemon vodka martini

I continue to grow and challenge myself to discover new recipes and respond to what my readers may be seeking. I am hoping to begin cooking classes once again this year and if you are in the area, I  hope to see some of you in my kitchen in 2022. Until then, cheers and happy 2022! With love, Sur le Plat.





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